AP IMAGE STUDIO is a creativity laboratory: photo and video services for private customers and companies.
Images and experiences merge and take shape to overcome the boundaries of descriptive representation.
We believe that the image must transfer emotions and meanings to build effective communication.
We deal with strategic communication, from design to content, taking care of both the visual and organizational aspects, and visibility on all social media to create value links.
Founder & CEO: 
Pietro Amedeo Verona/Milan based portrait, events & commercial photographer.
Visit my website and keep in touch with me: www.pietroamedeophoto.com
"I am a professional photographer based in Verona and Milan, inspired by art and in love with beauty.
Specialized in portraits I also deal with advertising, fashion and reportage of events.
As a still life photographer I focus on creating wow and stimulating images for my clients.
I coordinate a fantastic team of collaborators for the realization of video, advertising and social media campaigns".
You can get in touch info@apimagestudio.com or fill out the form below.
We can meet and have a good glass of red wine from Verona and talk about your projects: Verona, Via Pigna 5. By appointment only.
Thank you!
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